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Diploma - Rehabilitation

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136 Undergraduate program: Diploma in Rehabilitation Social Work < Qualification code 90031

The online and Distance learning Diploma program is a three (3) years undergraduate studies which requires completion of 24 Courses comprise of 4 Compulsory courses ,10 Rehabilitation courses, 5 Social Work Courses and 5 General Education courses unless the student has transferable credits and/or life credits in which case fewer courses may be required.

THE STRUCTURE DIPLOMA IN REHABILITATION SOCIAL WORK Code Bible Courses ZQF level 6 ( Year one first Semester ) C/H Year one

DRSW 100 Introduction to Christianity and Religious Studies 2-3 Compulsory

DRSW 101 Christian Social Ethics 2-3 Compulsory

DRSW 102 New Testament Literature 2-3 Compulsory

DRSW 103 Old Testament Literature 2-3 Compulsory

Year one, Second Semester

DRSW 104 Introduction to Rehabilitation 2-3 Elective

DRSW 105 Basic Computer Skills 2-3 Elective

DRSW 106 Principles of Community Based Rehabilitation 2-3 Elective

DRSW 107 Introduction to Psychology of Social Work 2-3 Elective

Second Year first Semester Year Two

DRSW 200 Social Work Law 2-3 Elective

DRSW 201 Rehabilitation, Diversity and Society 2-3 Elective

DRSW 202 Institutional Based Rehabilitation 2-3 Elective

DRSW 203 Community Integration: process and Roles 2-3 Elective

Second Year Second Semester Year Two

DRSW 204 Macro Social Work Practice 2-3 Elective

DRSW 205 Social Work Practice with Individuals 2-3 Elective

DRSW 206 Social Work Practice with Groups 2-3 Elective

DRSW 207 Human Behavior in the Social Environment 2-3 Elective

Third Year First Semester Year Three

DRSW 300 Psychosocial counselling 2-3 Elective

DRSW 301 Social change Management 2-3 Elective

DRSW 302 Field Practicum 2-3 Elective

DRSW 303 Monitoring and Evaluation 2-3 Elective

Year Three Second Semester Year Three

DRSW 304 Human Growth and Development 2-3 Elective

DRSW 305 Health Care Services Today 2-3 Elective

DRSW 306 Statistics and Research Methods 2-3 Elective

DRSW 307 Final Research Project ( Field based Practical ) 2-3 Elective


This undergraduate curriculum is designed to prepare students to work in entry-level roles in a variety of agencies providing services to persons with disabilities. Roles in agencies include leaders of DPOs, Farm managers, Government leaders, volunteers, developmental training coordinator, independent living coordinator, employment coordinator, rehab coordinator, entry-level case manager, Psychosocial Counsellors ,rehabilitation officers and social workers supervisor. Preparation for supervision of work teams and field case management is also included within this program.

136.1 COURSE OBJECTIVES At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

• Identify and describe the different populations using rehabilitative services.

• Describe special considerations for these populations.

• Identify the presence and role of various agencies, programs and resources for services to these populations.

• Identify and describe specialty program settings.

• Describe special skills needed for rehabilitation staff in specialty program settings.

• Identify ways that agencies can establish or provide resources, including human resources, to assist agencies and clients in the rehabilitative journey.

• This is a survey course that defines the field of work, array of services and settings, populations served, rehabilitation philosophy and orientation, staff roles and career opportunities in rehabilitative services. Certification for agencies and certificate specializations are also explored.

136.2 LEARNING OUTCOMES On successful completion of the program, Students should be able to:

1. Knowledge and understanding

2. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding in rehabilitation services, including both broad knowledge of the field and a considerable degree of specialized knowledge in the chosen specialization as well as insight into current research and development work.

3. Demonstrate specialized methodological knowledge, especially in the chosen specialization, and familiarity with research issues in Social Work Rehabilitation.

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