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ICOF Africa Campus

ICOF Africa University

In our efforts to reaching out through education in Developing Countries,We are constructing ICOF Africa University in Mumbwa District of the central province in the Republic of Zambia through partnerships and support from current and former students.Do you wish to contribute to this historical project.Please call us +260955-755461 or E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

About ICOF Global Welcome to International Coalition of Fellowships (ICOF) a 21st century movement of Christian promoting UNITY of purpose around the world working together to provide quality education to Christians who cannot afford traditional career development approaches for acquiring professional  skills which can be used in government and private sector jobs  in Africa and around the world. Yes, our parent organization was established in United States in 1932 whose vision we follow but we are independent under the vision of ICOF Africa.  We currently are operating in over 37 Countries providing career development at the community level.  Details of programs are provided in all our National and International websites, Take time to look at our Online, full time and Distance courses ranging from Certificate all the way to PhD.  The online courses are offered in the comfort of your home or office without setting foot on campus!  The tradition at ICOF is to provide our students with a quality Online and Distance education at an affordable price.  Both our faculty and staff endeavor to serve our students and offer them the education they so earnestly seek.  In a world of rising costs, our students enjoy the benefits of a truly online and distance learning experience in education at only a fraction of the cost of a traditional campus setting.  Our innovative approach and flexibility of schedule along with our global presence distinguishes ICOF as a leader in Distance Learning. Through our Distance Education Network (DEN) we employ and maintain a multitude of communication methods whereby a student may obtain a quality education in the convenience of the student's home, office or any other convenient location.  For new students we provide a 14 days Residency Program each semester so that students can get to know each other and introduced to online teaching methodologies.  At ICOF, our students enjoy most or all of the traditional student services afforded on a campus while maintaining their normal work and family relationships.  Our students enjoy and profit from the one-on-one and group online discussions, as well as the open door policy which affords them the opportunity to ask questions of the faculty and instructors when the need arises, With ICOF our students are never alone. ICOF Departments The following are department established by constitution of ICOF to reach out to Christians around the world: ICOF Colleges Seminary and Universities  This is the department is responsible for education which run and manages ICOF Campuses around the world. ICOF-CSU work with partner Colleges and Universities under Joint academic faculty and provide accredited learning Programs. ICOF Ministers Association International ICOF Ministers Association International is a Global pastors network promoting the unity of purpose among ministers of God whose vision develop personal relationships among pastors without looking at doctrinal differences between various Christian churches and ministries but work together as one family in Jesus Christ, reflecting Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer in John Chapter 17 where He prayed that we all might be one even as He and the Father are One. From our beginnings in 1932 to the present the International Coalition Fellowships through this department has grown from a network of 15 Church memberships to a Global Ministers Association of like-minded men and women of God coming from local, national and international churches. We have grown from just a few Ministers to a very large Ministers Association with more than 90,000 ministers, impacting every nation through equipping leadership and promoting oneness among Christians. Today, ICOF is represented globally and works with national ministers associations and governments in delivering training and social services in partnership with local churches and various other kinds of ministries. The ICOF Ministers Association International as a Global Network continues to equip Christians through the promotion of unity among Christian leaders and by ensuring that Ministers who are members of ICOF are honest, faithful, with good morals and that their integrity is above reproach and that they are committed members of their local churches or ministries. The ICOF Ministers Association International does not promote division among churches and ministers. Breakaway churches are not accepted into ICOF unless a clearance letter is issued by the parent church or organization and verification is done by our National Secretariat. Instead, we focus on conflict resolution, both between individuals and organizations in order to better serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We encourage you to join with us, hand in hand, so that the Lord might be glorified and His Kingdom be moved forward until He returns in glory for more information please contact us on  or our International office on International Ordination Certificate ICOF Ministers Association International issue ordination certificates to already ordained Ministers dating back retroactively to their first ordination which acts as a membership certificate and its renewed annually. Ordination certificates are only given at an annual General Council of Ministers which acts as a Supreme Board of the Association and chaired by National Presiding Bishop. Membership Requirement Membership to ICOF Ministers Association International is voluntary and interested Ministers may apply to the National Executive Committee after paying for membership and pay annual Membership Fee. Benefit of Membership to Minister Association •	Receive International Recognition •	Attend Africa Roundtable meetings •	Attention of ICOF International meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops •	Receive financial support from the Ministers Fund for Church Building and Pastor's Welfare •	Receive capacity building support as a member church and minister •	Be listed on ICOF Ministers International annual Exchange Programs •	Be listed on Ministers National Annual Exchange Programs •	Be sent in Missions programs around the world. ICOF Humanitarian and Social service programs ICOF humanitarian and Social Services Department work primarily helps those in needs in Churches and Ministries around the world. Our humanitarian support many people in virtually any community in the world who struggle to meet their basic needs. The ICOF seeks to help as many as possible THROUGH education support, shelter, self-help women empowerment programs. For over 80, The ICOF has been actively involved in humanitarian relief and development activities throughout the world. These include emergency relief assistance in times of disaster and humanitarian programs that strengthen the self-reliance of individuals, families, and communities and this support is coordinated by our member churches. Humanitarian projects are funded by donations from Churches and individuals and Christian families. One-hundred percent of these donations go directly to help the persons with disabilities orphans and other vulnerable children in Africa. In-kind material assistance is provided through items donated by Christians and the following are current program: •	Education support for Orphans and Other vulnerable Children •	Self Help empowerment for program for Women •	HIV/AIDS Voluntary Counselling •	Africa Missions development support •	Family support to Elderly and persons with disabilities Click here to donate toward building of homes for identified families in South Africa. Centre for Disability Development Research Law and Policy The Centre for Disability Development, Research, Law & Policy (CDDRLP) is a disability unity of International Coalition of Fellowships (ICOF) and its registered as a Non-Profit Organization in the Republic of South Africa. The centre is dedicated to produce research that forms debate on national and international disability law reform and provide policy direction to Governments and Disabled peoples Organizations (DPOs) in Africa and promote sustainable rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. The centre provides professional training in disability related courses in partnerships with local and international colleges and Universities. The centre promotes Disability Studies and encourage social model of disability which mostly challenged students to think critically about disability in relation to a variety of academic disciplines and society.  Through intense coursework and fieldwork, students explore the phenomenon of disability in depth, gain new insights and skills, and become part of a growing community in this exciting field.

Welcome to ICOF Colleges Seminary and Universities a 21st century movement of Christian Colleges and Universities working together to provide quality education to Christians in Africa who cannot afford traditional career development for one reason or another. ICOF Africa Campus  is a vision  shared by our General Presiding Bishop Dr. Bernie L.Wade and many other believers across the world. For many years we have preached, for many years we have touched lives and give hope to an African Christian Child and together we have reached out through education.   

Who we are?

ICOF was established in the United States Washington DC in 1932 but ICOF Campus exist as an independent African driven Organisations and we currently are operating in 37 Countries through four departments of this great movement namely;


ICOF Colleges Seminary and Universities: which is responsible for education.

ICOF Humanitarian Services which is responsible for social services and community development.

Centre for Disability Development Research Law and Policy which is responsible for disability research and training.

ICOF Ministers Association International which is a Global Network of Pastors promoting integrity, Honest and faithfulness among the body of Christ and for more visit  

If you are a pastor or bishop and you want to join hands with us and reach out to many, please contact me on E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . For more information about our National President Bishop in your Country visit our website on Please  Join hands with us in building ICOF Africa University as we continue to reach out through Education. 


Dr. Charles Mwape

Professor of Philosophy

Vice Chancellor and Deputy Presiding Bishop 
ICOF Colleges, Seminaries and Universities

Office Phone: +27657076744

ICOF Africa Campus

P.O. BOX  1981 Newcastle 2940

South Africa

JapanKenyaMalawiMauritiusSouth AfricaTanzaniaUgandaUSACanadaIvory CoastEgyptBritainZambia

Our Commitment

At International Coalition of Fellowships (ICOF) through ICOF Colleges  Seminary and Universities, it is our commitment to get you the course modules and resources you have purchased either physically or via the internet as downloads.

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